Christensen arms torque specs

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lbs. Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle 6. Christensen Arms doesnt put lousy triggers in any of its guns, and the Mesa Titanium is no exception. 99. I know many guys who torque their action screws to somewhere between 40-50 Inlbs. -lbs. Supposedly after 20 inlbs, the rings can handle it, but the bit has a possibility of breaking. Part of the appeal of the Christensen Arms MPP is its light weight, so for an optic I chose the Maven RS.

Always use specs from your firearm manufacturer for bases.

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57 ft.

Remington 700 & Christensen Arms Stripped Actions Many of these Remington 700 & Christensen stripped actions are new take offs.

308 Win.

49 ft.


Torque Specifications. . Cartridge.



Edit for 8 x 36 screws, the specification is 2.

5 Barrel channel is 1.


The adjustable tactical carbon. The trigger is superb.

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The torque on these screws is critical in order to achieve a proper and secure attachment.



99. 84 in. Specifications Weighs just 1 lbs. Dec 3, 2012 I share the OP&39;s skepticism.

Oct 29, 2018 Christensen Arms MPR is a great lightweight long-range rifle, thanks in part to its carbon-fiber components.

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Follow our how-to video to find out how you can upgrade your rifle. Christensen Arms Modern Precision Rifle 6. 1,899. . com2fproduct2fchristensen-arms-scope-mounts2fRK2RSp5HP2cDGMfHO7yqERHTgi8d8hKY- referrerpolicyorigin targetblankSee full list on talleymanufacturing. Crowmangler said Howdy all, thought I'd join up & post to help someone's decision making easier. , which equates to 23. . You can also shop our Christensen. 4 models Christensen Arms Tactical Scope Rings As Low As 199. The Black Nitride action is machined to. 2,399. 2,399.

CHAMBERINGS. The trigger is superb. -lbs. I don&39;t know that anyone lists a "correct" torque spec.

Jun 8, 2019 Torque specs are pretty broad, but I usually stick around 75 ft.




28 taper with 1.

The Ridgeline is the quintessential hunting rifle.

Was this article helpful Yes No. Christensen Arms. I torque mine to 45 In. Dec 3, 2012 I share the OP&39;s skepticism. Christensen Arms One Piece Scope Base, Standard Remington 700 Action, Short, Zero, Black, Medium, 810-00012-00. Oct 7, 2022 What the Christensen Arms Ridgeline FFT Titanium Does Well.

Check the torque recommendations for your rifle scope before using these recommendations.

Please do not torque them in Ftlbs, as you will snap them off, or strip them out. Christensen Arms Ridgeline. Apr 23, 2023 Proper Scope Ring Torque Specification Reference Guide In order to maximize accuracy & hold zero for a riflescope, setting the proper torque values on scope rings and bases are paramount.